Statement by President Joe Biden on CPI Inflation in June

President Joe Biden has said that tackling inflation will be his first top priority

He has said that I Every effort will be made to reduce gas prices.

The President said that he will continue to work with his European allies to impose price caps on Russian oil.

Inflation has knocked in every country The comfort for Americans is that inflation continues to rise even inside Europe

The government's price index for the 12 months ending June rose by 9.1 percent, the highest since 1981 high jump

the energy cost of more than 42 percent increased in the last 1 year, which is the highest since 1980

Along with the food, there has also been a significant increase in the energy cost, about 5 to 6 percent extra compared to the previous year. Inflation has risen higher

At long last, I will keep on giving the Federal Reserve the room it necessities to assist it with combatting expansion

US inflation is rising sharply when it may come down