Will Money Heist Korea be able to do magic like real

Money Heist: Korea "Joint Economic Area" Stars Jeon Jong Seo, Yoo Ji Tae, And Park Hae Soo On The Pressure Of Remaking A Hit Series

Money Heist (La Casa da Papel) broke all records for success, but when it was first introduced in Spain, it was canceled and later it was picked up by Netflix, setting a new record.

After the original series, a Korean series was announced which was recently launched under the name Money Heist: Korea "Joint Economic Area".

quite possibly of the greatest contrast between the first series and the Korean remake. Two seasons of plot from the first variant were dense into only 12 episodes

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area envisions North and South Korea near the precarious edge of reunification. 

Money Heist: Korea grandstands this feeling all the more obviously. There's another powerful strain between the North Koreans and South Koreans.

After the looters catch the Mint, they partition the prisoners into Northern and Southern camps

Money Heist: Korea trades Dali for their own public pride image - a customary Korean society cover known as Hahoetal.

Now it remains to be seen whether Money Heist Korea "Joint Economic Area" will be able to achieve as much success as the original Money Heist.