Criminal Justice 3 released, know what made fans angry

Pankaj Tripathi's courtroom drama Criminal Justice is back with its third season.

Madhav Mishra has a more complicated case than ever before, which he is trying to solve.

The fan following of the last 2 seasons of Criminal Justice has been tremendous, people were eagerly waiting for Criminal Justice 3 on 25th August.

After a long wait, now fans on Disney Plus Hotstar have started bingeing it immediately.

This time the makers have released the episode with such a twist that people are getting very angry with it.

Many fans vented their anger on social media.

Fans are complaining to the makers of the show that this time only two episodes have been uploaded so far. While the fans hoping to see the entire series have been disappointed by this.

People are expressing their displeasure on social media. Earlier, all the episodes of the series have been uploaded together 

By the way, fans are pouring pools of praise on social media for Pankaj Tripathi's performance in Criminal Justice 3.