Sega Genesis Mini 2 Pre-bookings open ahead of US launch Sega Genesis Mini 2 to be launched on October 27th

2nd version of SEGA GENESIS MINI is more compact and advanced with a new line-up of over 50 games.

People of North America can pre-book the Sega Genesis Mini 2 from Amazon

Sega Genesis Mini 2 Will Be Officially Available on Amazon on October 27th

The company recently uncovered the new console in June for deals in Japan

SEGA Genesis mini Sized at 12cm x3.2cm It comes with a USB power cable, one high-speed HDMI cable, adapter, and one controller. 

You can buy the Sega Genesis Mini 2 on Amazon for $103 USD

In Sega Genesis Mini 2 you get to play 50 different games

mini version adaptations of the exemplary console have flooded in prevalence over the ongoing years

SEGA has recently declared that pre-orders for its development to the 2019 Genesis Mini are currently open.