Popular Youtuber and Streamer Technoblade Dies From Cancer Aged 23

Technoblade's dad uncovered his passing in a video posted on his child's YouTube account. He surrendered to malignant growth at 23 years old.

Famous YouTuber Technoblade, who had a humongous fan following on YouTube, has kicked the bucket. 

Technoblade acquired prevalence due to his editorial on recordings of him playing Minecraft.

 He typically centered around the game however he once reported getting a malignant growth conclusion. Technoblade even composed a letter to his supporters prior to dying.

Technoblade, whose genuine name was Alex, had near 11 million supporters on YouTube. His recordings on Minecraft and his wry editorial on his game were a hit among gamers.

Father read his child Technoblade's letter. "Hi, everybody. Technoblade here. Assuming you are watching this, I am dead."

 His dad uncovers in the letter that Technoblade's genuine name was Alex, which he never utilized on the web

The video closes with a note from Alex's mom, who didn't come before the camera or uncover her name.

Her note expressed that her child never needed individual acclaim and was dependably humble, in any event, when his recordings got so famous on YouTube.