Happy Valentine's Day 2022

Know about some important facts of Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is a chance to praise sentiment and love 

Valentine's Day didn't come to be praised as a day of sentiment until about the fourteenth century.

the day might have taken name from a priest who was martyred around 270 CE by the sovereign Claudius II Gothicus.

priest marked the letter "from your Valentine" to his officer's girl, whom he had become friends with and, by certain records, mended from visual deficiency

Formal messages, or valentines, showed up the late 1700s economically printed cards were being utilized.

The day is famous in the United States as well as in Canada, the UK, France, South Korea, Mexico and so on

In the Philippines it is the most considered normal wedding commemoration, and mass weddings of many couples are normal on that date.

The occasion has extended to articulations of love among family members and companions.

Numerous college students trade valentines with each other on this day.

Valentine's Day is an occasion when sweethearts express their friendship with good tidings and gifts. It is likewise called St. Valentine's Day.